Quiet places to study

Finals coming up? Stressful day at the job? The neighbour is playing loud music and the landlord is renovating the kitchen – where will you go to study/read/get some peace and quiet?

Here we will list some awesome places that are open for all (don’t worry about the signs, no one will ever check for ID).

Libraries with quiet reading rooms

Ekonomiska biblioteket – The Business School (one floor up), Vasagatan 1. Tram Stop: Hagakyrkan or Handelshögskolan
Samhällsvetenskapliga bilbioteket – Haga, Vasagatan 2A. Tram Stop: Hagakyrkan
Centralbiblioteket – Humanisten. Renströmsgatan 6. Tram stop: Korsvägen

OBS! Free WiFi for students at GU.

TIP: If you prefer a nice café, check out the Fika Guide!