Psychologist Glen Bryan (English Speaking)

In Gothenburg there are very few English speaking psychologists when in need of professional support. Glen Bryan is one of them, however, and he is actively working with both international English speaking students and regular adults.

Glen Bryan is a native of London, UK.

Glen Bryan

I’ve been a Clinical Psychologist since 1991. I work predominately using CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) as I find it provides a clear framework for understanding psychological problems and easy to understand solutions to many problems . Recently I have become very interested in the so called” third wave therapies” , including mindfulness,  compassion focused therapy , and especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) . ACT is a particularly hopeful way of working as it focuses on living a value driven life despite the presence of negative thoughts.

I spent my early childhood in Pakistan , Australia and Thailand. I have also lived in the USA, and moved to Gothenburg in October 2012. Having experienced many different cultures I am comfortable working with issues of cultural identity and “culture shock “.

Alongside my psychology work I was lucky enough to have a successful career as a competitive Latin  American dancer. I am also an avid musical theatre fan , both as an audience member and a participant. I have often worked with performers suffering psychological problems relating to their work.

Glen Bryan - Psychologist

Glen Bryan – Psychologist

Website: Bryan Psychology Services
Facebook: Bryan Psychology Services (FB)
Phone number: 070-339 00 09
Location: Norra Allégatan 7, 3 tr, 41301 Gothenburg (Google Maps)