The Northern Lights

“I am nature. I eat nature. I become nature.”
Sigrid Bjørkedal

Standing on the road in the middle of the night and waiting patiently – hoping, wishing, praying with every fibre of my being to be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Even if it didn’t appear, I was already contended with the sight that was in front of me. The night sky, lit up by the dozens of stars, painted across it. It was strikingly beautiful – we were blessed with a clear night sky.

A couple of trains whizzed by as the clock ticked on. The occasional sputtering from the engine of the cars that sped by; the pattering sound from our shoes against the ground as we jogged and jumped on the spot to keep ourselves warm; the occasional muttering of words and conversations to try and get to know each other’s cultures better. It was either one or a combination of the above or the pristine silence that engulfed us as we stargazed.

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Female DJ in Sweden

When you see a female­ DJ playing, how does it make you feel? Is it appealing? Unattractive? Surprising? Impressive? Unusual?

Today, we can’t deny the fact that there aren’t many female­ DJs in the music industry and this is something that baffles me completely knowing the fact that as a whole, women are just as musically talented as men. Talent is something you are born with; it is your craft and gift, a set of skills you develop, nothing that is bestowed upon you because of your sex; male or female. DJ’ing is very technical, I find myself wondering if this is the reason that women have been left in the dark? We have all heard the generalizations of women and their lack of skills when it comes to something technical, “that’s a man’s job” they say, regardless we are just as capable. The inconsiderable amount of female ­DJs compared to male ­DJs could possibly be built up on stereotypes which result into discouraging aspiring female­ DJs into pursuing their potential in this field. I suppose, it can be a little daunting­ I understand that. Nevertheless, times are changing and there is abundance in female ­DJs­ arise in their pursuit of such a career, most importantly; it has become popular or so to say a trend. There is a huge difference in thinking vs acting and the outcome of acting on something you wish to pursue affects others around you, more than you are aware of. The more female­ DJs follow their dreams and passion; they are paving the way for others without even realizing it by setting an example and breaking barriers.

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Film Festival on a Sustainable World

On the weekend from 22. to 23. of March, the Society of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg) held a movie festival. The theme of this year`s festival was sustainable world. There were 5 movies screened and each of them told its own special story. Skype conference with directors followed 3 of them as well, which was a great opportunity to find out more about the happenings behind the curtains and how the stories from the films are developing now.

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Into the North: Snowmobiles and Scaling Waterfalls

Going on a student trip to Lapland was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did my journey to the far north of Sweden provide me with new things to see, but I also got to do a lot of things I would never be able to do at home. And the best part? Sharing these new experiences with fellow international students made them even greater.

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International Team – Doing it the right way!

As an American moving to Gothenburg, Sweden I remember having this perplexed feeling of walking backwards trying to learn everything over again.  A language, a culture, a city,  a new beau – cracy, taxes, and so many other perplexed obstacles that can not compare to even living in some of the biggest and momentous cities that belong to your own country.  Everything seemed to be a challenge and it was always full of excitement even when starting over with an idea or a business niche, or involving yourself in a new community!

When introducing myself to the international community I met several insightful and ambitious people that had a keen eye for international diversity and events and activities.  Formally, I have always been known as an entrepreneur and author and had worked with events that directly related to my business or books. However, they inspired me to build something bigger for the community.

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The Best Semlor in Town

Kavringsbageriet is the perfect place to feel at home. It is on the opposite side of the bus stop Utlandagatan, which is the nearest from Olofshöjd, our famous student accommodation. Thanks to the big sign KONDITORI you can’t miss it.

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