Internships and Job Opportunities

In Gothenburg it can be very difficult to know where to go to have something to do. In order to find jobs one of the best ways is always to hand out CV’s if you are looking for a job at a coffee shop or the like for a limited period.

Otherwise there are a lot of interesting internships that can help you out on your way to a career! It sure beats staying at home, doing nothing, and depending on the type of internship their might be an opportunity to get paid depending on how well you perform your tasks.

– Diversity in Gothenburg

Of course you can intern for this wonderful website! We have internships in many things, from writing and photography to SEO and graphics design. Click the link above for more information.

– Smile Goteborg

Smile Goteborg is a company operated by DiG’s own Claire Hultin promoting teeth whitening products. They need interns within sales, promotion, social media and web management. For more information, send an e-mail to clairehultin(at)

Event Making (Claire Hultin)

Claire Hultin is the host of several events and founder of different communities such as Expats in Gothenburg, The Gayness in Sweden, and the SummerBlast Malta travel company. She also creates a lot of events for the international community, such as the International Welcome Party. If you are interested in event making, promotion, SEO/web management, please send Claire an e-mail at clairehultin(at) – or simply join the event on the 30th of November.


AIESEC fixes a variety of internships all around the world for internationals. It is the largest student network in the world, and has therefor many opportunities. To come in contact with them in Gothenburg, please visit their contact form and send them a message for more information by clikcing the link above.

Read an article about AIESEC here

– Google Student Ambassador

This is the big holy grail of internships among students in Gothenburg. If you get your hand on one of the people at the Google GU team – and work like crazy – you might have a chance to have them recommend you for next years’ program. Their job is to promote Google and their products at the university, but also to make students aware of how they can use Google’s products (which are all for free to the end user) in their every day life to be more efficient.

–  See what the Gothenburg branch is doing by clicking here at Google GU and read an article about them here