Welcome to the International HBTQ section!If coming to Sweden as an international makes you feel off and alone, it can be even worse if you are HBTQ. Therefore we have gathered a lot of information on the HBTQ-society in Gothenburg, and you will notice rather quickly that you are not alone. =)The HBTQ community organizes practically everything from speed dating, bar hopping, cruises, parties and more. The best way to get in touch with this community is through the different social media groups on the Internet.

TGIS (The Gayness in Sweden. Facebook) Primarily Lesbian group

A Facebook fan page for the Swedish Gay community. Operated by people in Gothenburg! If you are liking this page you will be able to be invited to different gay events and see what is happening in the general gay community.

HÅBETEKU (Both in English and Swedish)

The main page for HBTQ students at the university of Gothenburg. They organize a lot of different events, but also talk a lot with the university about spreading knowledge and understanding about the HBTQ society to students through the university.

Gretas Gay + Lesbian

Gretas used to be the main hangout spot for the gay community. It still is to some extent, but can sometimes be INVADED by straight people. Because of this new venues are looked into.

For now, at least check the place out! =)

The busies day for the HBTQ community is Friday and Saturday night.


Frilagret is the city of Gothenburg’s cultural centre for people up to 30 years old. They also organize some HBTQ/LGBT events


Gay Cruise to Finland