Events and Parties!


In order to see where all the different clubs are that are popular for internationals, please click on the interactive Custom Google Maps below. In order to actually make some friends to bring to these places, please check out “EVENTS” below the map for information on how to socialize in a less alcohol and music fueled environment.

Party Map (Google Maps)

Party Map (Google Maps)


In order to find out what to do with other people in the city there are a few Facebook groups you definitely need to belong to. Here we will list the top Facebook groups, and of course always keep the list up to date. All the events will pop up on your “event tab” on Facebook after joining these groups and most of the events are free for anyone to attend. Just bring yourself, something to drink (anything from alcohol to energy drinks and soda) and have a great time at these events.

The events on these pages stretches from a variety of things from food culture and sports to sightseeing and DJ-training. We also add a few websites that are interesting to check out.

– Gothenburg International (Claire Hultin)

A group that gathers a large part of the international student society in Gothenburg. Mostly for large parties, but everyone are definitely invited!

– Couchsurfing Gothenburg

Here you will see what goes on in the international Couchsurfing community. For more detailed information without having to log into the site, please clich here. They usually meet up for a wide range of activities.

– Expats

Group 1

Group 2

These groups contain a large part of the expat community in Gothenburg. They host a wide range of events and all people are welcome!

– Frilagret

Frilagret host cultural events for a large variety of people. Not all events are in English, so please be careful when checking everything out. Also find them on Facebook.


A group for students at GU, but truly for young people in general. As long as you are an international, just join the group and have fun! GISA organizes a wide range of activities. More info here


The equivalent of GISA at Chalmers. They do activities like crazy for the internationals and are wonderful people. More info here