4 cities, 3 time zones, 1 week: The Balalaika & Vodka Tour

If you feel like experiencing the same adventure as mentioned in the title, this Scanbalt trip may be for you! Captured by the interesting tour description, my passion for travelling immediately kicked in. As I came to Gothenburg for exchange I made a list of places I wanted to travel to, including Helsinki, Russia, and the Baltic states. The Scanbalt offer sounded too good to be true: A very affordable week of cruise ship travel with hostel nights in Tallinn and St. Petersburg, visiting Helsinki and departing from Stockholm. I immediately had to sign up; I couldn’t let this offer go to waste! If you are interested in doing the same tour, I should warn you, there are 2 crucial things to consider:

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The Moose-Delay

I wondered why the conductor wouldn’t stop blabbering through the speakers. My three Swedish lessons have gotten me only so far as to understand everything about the “fika & kanelbullar” special on board. I was on my way to Stockholm for a weekend-getaway with warnings before I took the trip about the trains’ reliability here in Sweden- always late, sometimes broken, and more. I was pretty confident about my train though; how could anything bad happen if you’d take the first train at six in the morning?

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Euro Trip Part 1

Finally, my Europe trip has come to the end and now it is time for me to head back home at India. I have spent some amazing moments in Europe with memories to cherish for my lifetime. So I wanted to put into words the amazing time that I had.

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International Student Cruise: Mainstream, Trash, and Riga – American Pie on a Boat

When I came to Gothenburg for my Erasmus, I promised myself to travel as much as possible and to be as spontaneous as I could with the budget I had. In the past two months, I have traveled to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Ibiza and Barcelona. I have Lapland and Morocco booked for December and I’m sure I will squeeze some other city trips in between. Although I had never seriously considered going to Riga, when I was asked to join a cruise ship for FREE, there was not much left to think about. 

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Oslo: Our Cheapest City Trip

Yes – that’s right indeed! According to numerous rankings, Oslo places in the top 5 most expensive cities to visit. However, if you really want cheap, you get cheap – and we spent a very reasonable amount of 120€/1000SEK throughout 3,5 days.Both of us wanted to see Oslo desperately, despite all of the stories of how expensive and unimpressive it is (boy – how wrong can one be?!) All you have to do is some good research in advance.

So basically, we’ve done all the work for you 😉

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Before I die…

Before I die… I want to destroy capitalism.
Before I die… I want to learn how to ride a bike.
Before I die… I want to travel the world.

When I first stumbled across this project online, a few months ago, I thought it was the simplest, but coolest idea invented since sliced bread. A slight exaggeration there, but the concept is a great one! Candy Chang, who started the project in 2011 in Ohio, USA, didn’t expect it to grow as much as it has today – but it did.

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