Swedish Craziness

Bored on a Friday night? Check out EXCET, where you can experience crazy party people and dancing on several different floors, all for a reasonable price of 100Kr. Going out at around 23:30 last Friday, my friend and I were about to discover a totally new and crazy side of Swedish people we didn’t know before. Let me come back to that later…

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International Pre-Halloween Party

Halloween’s on the 31st of October, right?

Well, in my opinion there is no reason not to start celebrating one week ahead. That’s when some of my friends and I went to BARBAR (Parken), a club where the first Halloween party became the most kicking party of the night. Apart from little misunderstandings concerning the mandatory wardrobe fee, we went underground into a beautifully and scarily decorated dance floor and bar. Looking around, people wore costumes ranging on a scale from scary to sexy. Apart from the Dracula’s and super sexy bunnies, the décor provided a couple good and funny looking costumes for people who didn’t have the creative idea to dress-up (sorry for that, we just couldn’t stop since it was too funny).

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The Zombie Apocalypse in Gothenburg!

Sometimes during Halloween we get to see people dress up in many ways. Among college students (at least in America) it is very common for girls to dress up as something slutty – such as a slutty vampire, slutty pole dancer etc.

Out of all pictures posted this year on social media, one really caught our eyes here at DiG and that was the zombie outfit made by Chinese student Línlin Wáng. The pictures made me want to scream “Kill it with fire!!!!!” and looks like something out of a Japanese horror movie. If I’d met Línlin Wáng during Halloween I would have barred myself in the bathroom with a chainsaw, scared as crap and I would never go out the door.

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After arranging the International Welcome Party I hopped on a plane air born to a small and intrinsic country called Malta.  Catching my breath, I felt like I couldn’t wait to experience this new adventure, as I had a one way ticket and had no idea when I would return back to little old Sweden.  It felt great and free to jump off the airplane into a swimmingly hot and humid country full of dark haired Latino looking people that seemed to be especially inviting and friendly.

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Life is a Circus (Circo Loco at DC-10 closing party)

Well…. this story is so crazy and unreal that I really don’t know where to start. There is so much to tell but I’ll try and keep it short and interesting. It all started when I met Sam right at the beginning of this semester. He randomly walked up to my friends and me during a dinner and introduced himself. After this we chit-chatted whenever we saw each other at parties in Olof or in city. He is actually the first Moroccan I know a little closer. However, we really kicked it off during my first night at Handelspuben. He was not supposed to be there that night because he wanted to study or some other lame shit. However, he was there and this is where the fun part begins. He had this HUUUUUUUGE grin on his face and was totally exited!“Hey Dannii, I’ m going to Ibiza to the Circo Loco closing party of DC-10 wanna join? It will be the best party of your life!”I had no clue what he was talking about since I was more into Hip Hop and I’ m not (was not) a huge fan of techno and the entire IBIZA image I had. For the people who don’t know: the DC-10 is actually one of the best clubs in the world. Since I am a very spontaneous girl and even though it was a lot of blabla to me I met up with him the next day and booked a fight to frigging Ibiza. (to be honest, my main thought was lying in the sun all day, doing some cheap shopping and going out to this club for a few hours… – this is not what happened) Three of his Moroccan friends who study in Paris would join us (WOOOOW I’d get to know more Moroccans) I really don’t know why but it actually really exited me. Continue reading

Nightlife of Gotham City

A basketball court. In a nightclub. On the dancefloor. Every single Thursday.  My first thoughts were, ‘my lord this is going to be a great semester’! I’ve discovered so many cool things whilst exploring Gothenburg and its surrounds, however this one really tickled me the right way. Well played Pustervik, well played.

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Kompassen International Party

Wanting to try out everything, I decided to go to yet another welcome party. This time it was a party in Kompassen Mall. Yes a mall, I was surprised as well and a little bit intrigued with the concept.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a super friendly security guy who pointed me into the direction of the escalators, so up we went.

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