Looking for a Tenant in Gothenburg?

Are you a GU student going on exchange or for an internship abroad? Or perhaps you just spent a semester at GU and are heading back home?

Either way most of us who are not on a student residence and are leaving Gothenburg have the bothersome task of finding someone to rent his or her room/apartment. GU has just introduced a new way for students to find a tenant.

Since Spring 2013 the University of Gothenburg has become a partner with HousingAnywhere.com to deal with Gothenburg’s housing problem and is thereby providing students like you a safe student-to-student method of finding a tenant.

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Searching for Apartments in Gothenburg.. not such an easy task!

Finding placement in student housing or searching for student apartments can be quite difficult given the circumstances of the Swedish system and how it works here! For one, when renting an apartment, the Swedish system has its own queuing system, which is very organized, but can be a tedious and a long wait. This is because the queues take up thousands of citizens from the time they are born. Meaning they can wait in a queue for 18 + years. Sounds a bit daunting eh?

If you want an apartment first hand then it can be extremely difficult to obtain. However where there is a will, there is a way! Second hand contracts are quite popular because of the long wait with the queuing system here in Gothenburg, which means that the length of the contract is decided between you and the person holding the first hand contract.

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