Setting Sail and Watching Fish

Let’s face it: Gothenburg is great as a coastal city, but things can be a bit rainy at times. So where do you go when you want to enjoy the water, but without getting actually wet? The Sjöfartsmuseet (maritime museum), with its historical artefacts and beautiful aquarium, is a great place to visit on a not-so-sunny day.

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Home Away From Home

See, there is something about my culture and my family traditions that you need to know to fully appreciate my story. The thing is, my family really emphasizes on spending time together. For me, this was in the form of gathering around the table to have a home-cooked dinner. And I have been doing this for the better part of my life. It was the time that we could all wind down and share about our day – the things that happened at school or work, the silly things that our friends said or did that made us laugh, some times exchanging witty banter, others just sitting together in comfortable silence. It was always about having the full force of the family together, physically.

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The Little Things of Gothenburg

Beautiful architecture is abound in the city of Gothenburg, where trams roam the streets, and international students get excited about the Fika culture. Prior to arriving, from sunny Singapore, I expected my shutterbug nature to zealously want to engrave the scenery into my hard drive. Surprisingly, when I was out one day by my lonesome, armed only with gloves and sweater, and my trusty camera(s), an idea hit me like a gust of cold wind (of which there is no shortage). I thought, maybe I should look a little closer, and walk a little slower.

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The Heart of Gothenburg

Every time I visit a new city, I’m always interested in seeing what I’d like to call the ‘heart’ of the area. Some people think I refer to the city centre, but that’s not always the case. The heart of a city doesn’t have to be the place where the most tourists are or where you can shop until you’re exhausted. No, to me, the true core of any location is the area which tells the most about a city’s past. Call me old-fashioned, but by looking at the history of a town we can understand how it became the metropolis we see today.
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Stud-illing at Condeco

Condeco is the perfect place to go if you are tired of studying in the library or in your room.

You can find the café in different places in town. We usually chill in the one next to Kompassen or in Nordstan. All their outlets provide free wi-fi and charging spots.

The interior is super chill with dim lighting and comfy sofas. If you can’t concentrate around people talking, just put on your earphones and listen to some music. They have great coffee and depending on what you buy, the prices are quite fair. While my favorite is the medium Latte, Myrthe prefers the large Cappuccino.

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And We Danced… (The Macklemore Experience)

When Petra heard that Macklemore was coming to Stockholm, she became so excited that she immediately got up and bought tickets to see the concert. She amazingly got a spare one and sold it to Dannii – leaving Myrthe very jealous. Not being able to cope with Myrthe’s annoying jealousy, Dannii went on the quest of finding another ticket with only two weeks until the concert. Astonishingly, she managed to acquire that ticket – making Myrthe the happiest girl on earth. And so they went – two by car, one by train – to the awe-inspiring city of Stockholm, were Petra and Myrthe stayed at City Hostel, a very good hostel for 220 SEK a night close to the train station. Dannii stayed at a friend’s for free which is of course always groovy.

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Who is the werewolf?

The full moon shined in the sky on 18th October night. What a best night to play werewolf! ‘Who is the werewolf?’ was the most serious problem that bothered us throughout the night.

We play werewolf game quite regularly, almost every week. We even have a werewolf group in the Facebook. This time, seven potential werewolves gathered at Oke’s place. Everybody brought their own drinks and snacks to share with others. Then, the game started.

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